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How To: Solve Common Eye Care Troubles The Natural Way

How To: Solve Common Eye Care Troubles The Natural Way

Caring for our under eyes can be tricky - what works for one issue doesn’t work for another. Dark under eye circles, fine lines and wrinkles, and creases are the most typical eye care concerns we come across.

Often people are tempted to turn to fillers and botox - but this simply isn’t necessary!

We don’t think eradicating under eye lines is the way to go; after all, wrinkles are reminders of the good times (and who wants to forget those?)

With that in mind, trying some natural remedies to aid your eye care woes can help you feel, and look, brighter.

  1. Dark Under-Eye Circles

Dark under eyes are a nuisance and can ruin an otherwise bright complexion. They can be indicative of a few lifestyle issues - such as low water intake, a lack of vitamin C in diet, or not enough sleep. Try to address these if relevant!

Some people find that gently using a jade roller around the eye area is also beneficial. You can buy jade rollers here.

Jade Roller

Use an illuminating under eye cream with light reflecting pigments, like the Lavera Illuminating Eye Cream, to help brighten and refresh dark under eyes. For best results, use this twice a day - and make sure to wear under any make-up!

Illuminating Eye Cream

To conceal under eye circles, using a pink toned colour correcting concealer will lighten and brighten the under eyes. Benecos’ CC Concealer Palette has a light pink square that is perfect for this - you will really only need a very small amount for good coverage. The pink hues colour correct the purple/blue tones you’re seeing. The bonus as well, is this is a creamy textured concealer, so it won’t settle into any dryness, fine lines, or wrinkles.

Benecos CC Concealer

2.Puffy Under Eyes!

A lot of guidance around puffy under eyes is very similar to dark under eye circles, but with a few tweaks to the routine!

Puffiness might happen when we’re over tired and don’t have enough sleep, or due to stress.

One simple thing you can do to help reduce puffiness, or tired eyes, is to spritz some organic Rosewater on a cotton pad. Make sure the pad is saturated. Then lie back, close your eyes, and place the pads over your eyes for ten minutes (think of it as some much needed me time - especially if you are noticing high stress levels!)

We’d suggest the Acala rosewater for this as it is completely pure and fantastic quality, from an organic source. Rosewater is very cooling and hydrating, and gentle for the eyes. Rose extracts are also renowned for tightening and firming skin. 

Acala Rosewater

3.Creasing Around The Eyes

Creasing around the corners of the eyes is a really typical concern - and usually occurs when we have just woken up!

There’s a reason for that: when tossing and turning during the night, skin can pull against the fabric of our pillowcases, which can especially show in the more delicate eye area. If you’re having this problem, you’ll probably notice creases around the sides and corners of your eyes.

A couple of really easy tweaks can be made to your night-time routine to prevent this. Firstly, after applying your regular night-time moisturiser, you should do a process called “slugging”. Slugging is applying a rich balm, such as the Odylique Ultra Rich Balm, over the top of your moisturiser (and yes, it might appear a little slimy). This helps prevent snagging of the skin during the night - and as a bonus, gives the skin an extra boost of hydration.

Use this very sparingly around the eyes as too much can have the undesired effect of increasing puffiness!

Ultra Rich Balm

If you want to go a little further, using a silk fabric either for your pillowcase or in an eye mask while asleep will help prevent this - these fabrics are much smoother, and don’t pull so much on the skin.

4. Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Dynamic and static lines and wrinkles are completely normal signs of ageing that tend to start appearing around age 30.

Unfortunately, beauty filters and the pressure to look 18 forever mean that even the slightest sign of ageing round our eyes can cause upset!

We believe that wrinkles are natural, normal, and in fact - beautiful! No natural product will completely eradicate signs of ageing (and why would we want it to?) 

If lines are a worry then don’t worry; using some natural remedies can help minimise the look of lines and slow the signs of ageing. 

Firstly, if you’re ever removing make-up, avoid wipes! Not only are disposable wipes bad for the planet, they can be so drying for skin. Maturing skin needs lots of hydration and nourishment. Use a gentle eye make-up remover, soaked on a cotton pad, like the Logona Eye Make Up Remover. Make sure not to scrub your eyes as you remove - hold it over your eyes for a few seconds, before gently wiping. It’s fine for it to take a couple of tries, but rubbing too vigorously can actually make fine lines worse!

Logona Eye Make-Up Remover Oil


After cleansing, apply a light layer of eye cream (really you don’t need more than a small amount - good practice is to measure on the base of your little finger-tip) and gently massage under your eyes. How you apply your eye cream here is as important as using the cream itself -  make sure to rub very softly, working from the inner corners of your eyes outwards - this helps prevent pulling the skin further.

The Lavera My Age Eye Cream is ideal as it is packed with nourishing plant butters and oils, as well as hibiscus extract, helping to tighten the under eye area.

Lavera My Age Eye Cream

Use a rose based moisturiser, like the Odylique Timeless Rose. This is especially gentle round the eyes, but can be used as a day-time facial moisturiser, and is firming and toning for the skin. For maturing skin, a moisturiser made with rose essential oil is wonderful as the oil is calming and rich in anti-oxidants. 

Odylique Timeless Rose

Lastly, if you want to wear a concealer or a foundation, choose a cream base rather than a liquid or powder. Those can settle into fine lines, actually highlighting the areas you’re trying to conceal!

The Lavera Radiant Concealer is a cream based concealer that helps brighten under eyes or dark spots, and will minimise fine lines.

Lavera Radiant Concealer


For foundation, choose the Odylique Cream Foundation - not only will this not settle into “problem” areas, it is actually so moisturising for the skin, and has UV protection, to help prevent any sun damage on your skin. 

Odylique Cream Foundation


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