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The 8 Vital Reasons Hair Experts Recommend Using A Pre-Clarifier Treatment On Your Hair

The 8 Vital Reasons Hair Experts Recommend Using A Pre-Clarifier Treatment On Your Hair

These days, everyone has their ‘ultimate hair routine’ or ‘secret pro tips for hair’ but the truth is, not all work.

However, almost all hair experts; from trichologists to stylists and colourists recommend a pre-clarifier for a variety of reasons!

 What is a Pre-Clarifier?

A pre-clarifier is a hair treatment that removes all traces of grime, giving the hair a freshness reset. It will usually remove:

·        Product residue

·        Grease and oil

·        Environmental residue

·        Mineral deposits

·        Conditioners

·        Silicones

Which once removed leave the hair squeaky clean. They shouldn’t be used every day – once a week at most is all you need, less if your hair is natural most of the time. More than that and it’s far too harsh.

How to Choose a Pre-Clarifier?

We recommend using an organic clarifier. 

Mainstream ones often include sulphates, which are a very harsh detergent.  Whilst they do cleanse the hair, they strip natural oils, leaving the hair exposed to damage and likely to become greasier over time.

Look for ingredients like clay, tea tree, and aloe which cleanse whilst remaining protective.

Hair Types that should use a Clarifier

Most people can use a clarifier, but if you’ve got a fresh dye job or you want to extend the life of your colour, go easy.

Additionally, if your hair is very curly or dry, at most every other week is enough.

Aways use a sulphate-free clarifying treatment which supports the cleansing process without causing damage.  

8 Benefits of Clarifier?

·        As part of the Curly Girl Method

Our guide to the curly girl method is HUGE amongst our natural hair followers.  It’s a way of bringing your curls to life, without chemicals.  Pre-clarifier is a major part of the process, helping to remove all the residue causing your curls to fall.  We use It’s Pure, which is sulphate free and clay based.

·        Before Colouring

Colours like Henna bond to the hair much more effectively when the hair is absolutely clean, so using a pre-clarifier before colouring is a great step in achieving a professional result.

·        For a freshness reset

If your hair is limp, hard to style, dull and lifeless, it may be that it needs a good clarify to return it to it’s best.  Over-processing, too many chemicals, or just a wee bit of neglect can all cause hair to lose it’s vibrance. 

Clarification is a brilliant reset.

·        After a Big Hair Event

Your big day shouldn’t impact your hair for months afterwards, but it often does. If you’ve recently gotten married, graduated or attended an event that meant a lot of styling for your hair, it’s probably time for a reset.

All that hairspray, mousse, gel, pinning and setting looks beautiful at the time, but is so tough on the hair afterwards.  The sooner you can restore your locks afterwards, the better.

·        Following City Visits

If you live in an urban environment, or visit regularly, clarifying is vital to keep on top of environmental residue which suffocates the hair and scalp.

Petrol, VOCs, environmental aggressors, food, grease and dirt all attack the hair almost constantly in towns, and it rapidly shows.

Once a week freshen up the very least your hair deserves to keep it maintained.

·        If Your Hair is Oily

If you have very oily hair, you may be tempted to use daily doses of detergents to keep it clean.  Sadly, that makes the problem worse. The hair will then overproduce oil to replace what you’ve removed. 

Instead, get in the habit of gently cleansing once a week with a pre-clarifier and try co-washing afterwards (washing with conditioner) which stops the hair overproducing.

·        To Remove Mineral Deposits

If you live in a hard water area, you’ll already be aware of the effects on your taps, sink, toilets, and any other bits your water touches.

Did you know it also impacts your hair? Leaving microparticles of limescale and minerals on the hair, which in turn leads to dullness and makes it harder for colour to take.

A clay-based pre-clarifier is ideal to lift these deposits without causing stress to the hair.

·        To Improve Scalp Health and Encourage Hair Growth

If you use your pre-clarifier with either an ayurvedic scalp massage, or a deep cleansing brush, you’ll increase blood flow to the scalp. 

This helps cleanse the scalp, energise the nerves and encourages nutrients to flow to the hair. In turn, you’ll see hair that is more volumized, stronger and grows much more healthily.

For more expert natural hair advice, contact our team

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